Our Omni Wellness team follows a program to expedite your weight loss process. You begin by answering health-based questions so we can determine which nutritional program works best for your needs. The goal is to provide healthy food options that provide enough calories to sustain your activity level, keep you from being hungry, yet allow your body to burn fat as fuel to reduce your weight. Though personal results can vary, most of our male patients loose on average of 31 lbs and women loose on average 15 to 20 lbs.

Your meals contain a combination of healthy proteins and carbohydrates to provide you fuel and energy. You will feel focused and driven once your body is receiving healthy nutrients and the proper amount of calories. Weight loss occurs when you burn more calories than you consume, so we strive to develop a nutritional eating plan to aid in your weight loss efforts.

As you continue through the program, our wellness team educates you on the value of making healthy food choices. You begin to see how easy it is to select natural, nutrient-rich foods instead of pre-packaged foods that contain added chemicals. The information you learn will remain with you as you continue through life. Once you realize how much better you feel when you eat healthy, your food choices become easier and instead of making conscious choices, you will habitually select healthier foods.

Our weight loss program is particularly helpful for those suffering from chronic conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. The program helps to regulate blood sugar levels so you are in control of your body and can achieve the weight you desire. As your weight decreases, your blood pressure and risks for heart disease also decrease.

See our FAQ’s page for commonly asked questions regarding weight loss or nutrition at Omni Wellness in Charlotte NC. You can also call our office to schedule immediately at 704-392-9999.

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