Omni Wellness Center is your leading provider of chiropractic care in Charlotte. We work with patients suffering from foot pain and heel problems, including plantar fasciitis. If you are dealing with this heel pain we can provide you with chiropractic techniques to reduce pain and improve mobility. Discover the benefits of using a chiropractor in Charlotte for treating your plantar fasciitis. 

Chiropractic Adjustment for Heel Pain

The primary cause of plantar fasciitis is inflammation in the tissue and muscles in the foot. When this tissue is torn or stretched it becomes inflamed. This can lead to pain when standing or walking. Fortunately, chiropractic methods can alleviate this pain. When the heel tissue is inflamed this leads to irritation for other nerves and tissues, as well as plantar fasciitis flareups.

By getting to the source of your heel pain we can prevent the pain from swelling, while treating the problematic area. A chiropractic adjustment can realign your spine. If an out of align spine is causing the heel to be overextended or stretch, this adjustment will end that issue. 

Acupuncture Treatment

Using acupuncture your chiropractic doctor can relieve you of your pain by getting right to the root of it. Acupuncture needles are inserted into the area of the foot containing nerve endings. By stimulating these nerve endings it increases pain responses and boosts healing capabilities. Best of all, acupuncture doesn’t require anesthesia or pain relieving drugs. 

Weight Loss and Nutritional Counseling

Bearing a high body mass index or obesity can increase the odds of a tear or strain the heel muscle. Therefore, a change in diet and lifestyle could be the optimal treatment if you are experiencing pain due to body weight on your feet.

We offer nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice to help patients lose those extra pounds. We also provide sensible weight loss methods through a partnership with Transformations, so to help you get the weight off fast. By reaching a healthy weight you can reduce the wear and tear on your body including your feet.

Laser Therapy for Foot Pain

Using laser therapy you can benefit from all-natural pain relief without surgery. Our laser therapy uses phototonic red light.  This light energy penetrates the area of the heel causing you pain. The laser therapy follows through with ATP production to help with cellular-level healing. When used in conjunction with acupuncture and chiropractic care, you can see reduced pain and improved healing times. 

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If you are ready to put an end to your heel pain, once and for all, let your Charlotte chiropractor assist you. Here at Omni Wellness Center we offer pain management, laser therapy, chiropractic care, and acupuncture to treat plantar fasciitis. Contact our office today at 704-392-9999 or fill out this form  to schedule an appointment. Please ask about our new patient specials when you call.

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