Elbow pain is often caused by overuse. Many sports, hobbies and jobs require repetitive hand, wrist or arm movements. Elbow pain may occasionally be due to arthritis, but in general, your elbow joint is much less prone to wear-and-tear damage than are many other joints.

Common causes of elbow pain include:

  1. Broken arm
  2. Bursitis
  3. Dislocated elbow
  4. Golfer’s elbow
  5. Osteoarthritis
  6. Osteochondritis dissecans
  7. Rheumatoid arthritis
  8. Sprains and strains
  9. Stress fractures
  10. Tendinitis
  11. Tennis elbow
  12. Throwing injuries
  13. Trapped nerves

Chiropractors are able to diagnose all of these and are really great at treating the symptoms that are not highlighted. Our office incorporates chiropractic, muscle work, acupuncture, rehabilitation therapy, ultra sound, TENS, and acupuncture for most elbow issues. We love helping patients with elbow injuries and see the masses from tennis pro to weekend golfer to construction worker. Let us help you! Call us at 704-392-9999 or use our contact form


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