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Lower Back Pain from our Charlotte Chiropractor

At the Omni Wellness Center, our Charlotte chiropractic team sees hundreds of people every year who are struggling with disability and symptoms associated with lower back pain. Indeed, chances are high that you yourself know someone who is or will deal with this condition. Fortunately, lower back pain often responds exceptionally well to chiropractic care; read on to learn more. 

lower back pain

Causes, Risk Factors, & Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

Estimates show that anywhere from 60-80% of people in the United States will experience at least one episode of lower back pain in their lives; it's actually one of the leading causes of disability. 

Specific causes may include muscle strain or spasm, degenerative joint disease, herniated or bulging disc, spinal nerve entrapment (including sciatica), osteoarthritis, or spondylolisthesis (a condition in which one vertebral bone slips forward relative to the one beneath it). 

So, who gets lower back pain? Frequently cited risk factors observed in research studies include:

  • Being between the ages of 35-50
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Smoking
  • Having high amount of psychological stress, or feeling depressed
  • Having a sedentary job
  • Conversely, people with very physically demanding jobs (such as miners, firefighters, nurses, and construction workers)
  • Having poor body mechanics and/or workspace ergonomics

Certain populations are also at risk for lower back pain at various times in their lives, including women who are pregnant. Frank trauma, including slips, trips, falls, and car accidents, can also lead to lower back pain and other issues.

Interestingly, a past episode of lower back pain is also considered a risk factor. That is, if you've hurt your back before, you may be more likely to hurt your back again in the future. 

Unfortunately, lower back pain is often accompanied by other symptoms including back stiffness, muscle tightness, hamstring shortness, pain in the buttocks, hip, and/or leg(s), and nerve-related symptoms including weakness and numbness. Every case of lower back pain is a little different, and our Charlotte chiropractors take this into careful consideration when we evaluate our patients struggling with this condition. 

Chiropractic Diagnosis & Treatment of Lower Back Pain

Despite the fact that at least two thirds of the American population experiences low back pain at least once in their lives, less than half of these people end up seeking treatment. Research (particularly from the physical therapy field) suggests that it's not necessarily required to know the exact underlying cause of a person's lower back pain; a person often responds positively to chiropractic treatment based on their specific symptoms alone rather than a specific diagnosis. That said, it absolutely can be helpful to know what's causing a person's problems.

Our Charlotte chiropractor team relies on thorough physical examination, X-ray imaging, and patient history to help us get a clear picture of what's causing a patient's pain. We'll also assess a person's lifestyle habits, workplace habits, and posture. Knowing and addressing all these factors can help us treat symptoms and contributing causes, thereby reducing the chance of a person's lower back pain recurring. 

The treatment plans we develop for our patients with lower back pain will really vary from individual to individual. Overall goals are to resolve inflammation and tissue damage, restore normal spinal alignment and mobility, improve strength and endurance of postural muscles, and of course prevent back pain from becoming chronic. To do this, we employ a variety of techniques and services such as: 

  • Spinal adjustments
  • Low level laser therapy and other pain management modalities
  • Soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, and/or massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Lifestyle guidance 

Schedule an Appointment with our Charlotte Chiropractor

Are you one of the many Charlotte area community members struggling with lower back pain? Call Omni Wellness Center today at (704) 392-9999 to schedule your first chiropractic appointment with one of our doctors. Our friendly staff can answer all your questions, tell you about our other comprehensive services, and let you know about our current patient specials. Call today!

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