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Our Chiropractors Answer Your Cold Laser Therapy Questions

Our Charlotte chiropractors at Omni Wellness Center, Dr. Darcey and Dr. Wilson, commonly employ a wide range of natural, non-surgical healing methods to address the underlying conditions that cause pain and illness in Charlotte residents. One of the most exciting and powerful techniques for aiding in pain relief and physical recovery is known as cold laser therapy. If you're unfamiliar with this treatment method, you probably have lots of questions about it. Fortunately, we have lots of answers! Here are our responses to some of the questions we get about cold laser therapy.

  • What is a cold laser? The term "cold laser" is another name for low-level laser therapy, or LLLT. These lasers generate amplified light at a specific wavelength range of 660 to 900 nanometers. This relatively low frequency range sets it apart from surgical lasers, which generate light at a high-enough frequency to cut and cauterize tissue.

  • If the cold laser doesn't cut, what does it do? The cold laser at our chiropractic center passes right through your skin without causing any pain or harm whatsoever. It continues on to a specific tissue depth to treat injuries and chronic pain problems.

  • How does the cold laser help me heal? The light waves stimulate your cells to step up their production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is a critical substance for cellular repair, so this extra production allows injured tissues to heal themselves more quickly.

  • How does cold laser therapy relieve pain and inflammation? If you suffer from chronic tissue pain and inflammation, cold laser therapy is a drug-free way to gain relief. The laser improves circulation at the treatment site, helping the tissues expel painful inflammatory toxins and excess fluid (edema). 

  • How long does cold laser therapy take -- and when will I feel the results? A typical sessions takes only takes a few minutes, and we may recommend 2 to 3 sessions per week for optimal results. The healing benefits should be noticeable within the first few sessions.

  • Which conditions can cold laser therapy treat? We may prescribe it for sprains, strains, arthritis, wound healing, sports injuries, edema and neuropathy (nerve pain/damage).

  • What's the recovery time between sessions? Zero! You can go right back to your daily activities with no after-effects whatsoever -- except for the beneficial ones.

  • Can I continue receiving cold laser therapy indefinitely? Cold laser therapy is perfectly safe to use on an ongoing basis to manage chronic pain disorders. This approach may be especially useful for patients who want to less dependent on painkillers or can't take such medicines.

Cold Laser Treatment at Our Charlotte Health and Wellness Clinic

Do your health a big favor by discovering the benefits of cold laser treatment for yourself. Call our Charlotte health and wellness clinic at (704) 392-9999 to schedule this remarkable form of treatment from our chiropractic team!

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