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Omni Wellness Center - New Patient Center

For total family wellness, regularly scheduled chiropractic care for pain and injury treatment can change the game. Everyone in the family, pets included, can benefit from frequent skeletal adjustment, muscle release and nerve relief techniques. The new patient center is well equipped to support the needs of two and four legged individuals in need of chiropractic care. Patients can make the process much easier to navigate by learning more about what to expect, paperwork requirements and accepted payment methods before the first appointment.

Exploring Patient Expectations for Charlotte, NC 

man getting a spinal adjustment from his chiropractorAt the first appointment, chiropractors may take diagnostic images to assist in the creation of a treatment plan. The nature of the patient's illness or injuries helps determine the best type of treatment to relieve pain and facilitate rapid, proper healing.

Chiropractors will focus on a creating a treatment plan that first relieves pain and discomfort, and then reverses the damage. Treatment may focus on manual adjustments and massage techniques that restore correct anatomy positioning to rapidly reduce pain. Patients may also need laser therapy or acupuncture, depending on symptom severity and location. Patients often receive help with weight loss, flexibility and mobility while undergoing the treatment process. Upon reaching total body wellness in Charlotte, NC, chiropractors will reassess by repeating diagnostic tests to create a maintenance plan that helps protect against injuries in the future.

Understanding Pet Expectations for Charlotte, NC 

Pets receive the same quality of chiropractic care as their human counterparts. All of the diagnostic procedures and treatments utilize similar methods and tools that are further tailored to the animal's unique anatomy.

Pet owners are welcome to accompany their animal into the exam room to help maintain a calm, relaxed atmosphere. Before long, pets happily trot into the treatment room without a glance behind to check if their owner is tagging along. Animal chiropractors always seek owner approval for the prescribed treatment before starting the care routine. Chiropractors introduce each treatment slowly to see how the pet will accept the procedure before moving forward.

Paperwork Requirements for our for Charlotte, NC Patients

Although all patients receive a comprehensive exam before chiropractic treatment begins, information about health concerns will be taken during the scheduling call. Patients may need to fax over medical records or carry them into the office on the given appointment date. A new patient form must be completed for each individual seeking treatment at the chiropractic clinic. Chiropractors use information on the form to learn more about the patient's medical and lifestyle background, which can help during the initial diagnostic process.

Contact Omni Wellness Center Today!

Patients in need of chiropractic care can schedule an appointment at Omni Wellness Center and Omni Animal Chiropractic's new patient center. Make sure to mention pain and injury severity while scheduling your appointment. Our office staff will make the best effort to schedule initial patient appointments according to the urgency of the concerns.  After establishing a treatment plan, patients can schedule regular appointments at the clinic to receive care from a chiropractor.

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