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Scavenger Hunt

Complete the following tasks and win a

COOL prize!


Task #1: Become our "FAN" on Facebook. This is super easy. Just log on to your facebook account and search for Omni Wellness Center. Then, "like" us! (if you don't have a facebook page- CREATE one or use a family member!)



Task #2: Become a "FAN" of the Mountain Island Summer Slim Down Challenge group on Facebook. Watch and comment on the participants as they journey to a better and healthier lifestyle.



Task #3: Google us. Look to where it says "your rating" click on this link and rate us! It is simple to create a google account if you don't have one, just follow the prompts. For an added bonus- write us a review. Your opinion matters!



Task #4: Look at the last four numbers you dialed in your cell phone. Have you shared with them your Omni Wellness Experience??? Are they current patients? If you answer NO to either of these questions, give us their name and/or email (with their permission of course) and allow us to help spread the wellness word! Remember you earn $10 Omni Bucks for every referral you send in!


Task #5: Give us the name and number and/or email of your church group, PTA president, office manager, or human resource officer at your business. We want to educate this community on health and wellness! We can do a screening or a health talk over lunch! We are specifically looking to talk to people at Freightliner, National Gypsum, and Coca-Cola.


Task #6: Come to the next Spinal Care Class and bring someone NEW to chiropractic. Bring your neighbor, your spouse, your cousin, etc. These are EVERY Monday night at 6:30 pm.


This contest will run ALL summer long.

If you complete all 6 tasks before July 15, you'll win tickets to see the

Charlotte Knights play at home!




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