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Omni Wellness Center

10220 Couloak Dr
Charlotte, NC 28216

Phone: (704) 392-9999
Fax: 704-392-9913

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Welcome to Omni Wellness Center in Charlotte

Dr. Darcey Walraven Ladner services the needs of people and animals in our Charlotte location. Omni Wellness Center and Omni Animal Chiropractic provide alternative health care for all your needs. If you are seeking chiropractic care to alleviate back pain, recover from an accident or restore your energy level, let our chiropractors show you the benefits of gentle adjustments. We take care of those needs in your animals too. We invite residents of Charlotte and the nearby areas to bring your horses, dogs and cats for an evaluation if they are showing lack of energy, symptoms of pain or have been injured in an accident. Our team thoroughly evaluates people and animals to determine the best approach for your care.

Omni Wellness Center Provides Alternative Health Treatments

Most of our treatment plans center around chiropractic adjustments of the spine. Human and animal spines can slip out of alignment due to overuse, aging, a genetic condition or an injury. Our chiropractors gently position the vertebrae of the spine to reduce pain and increase energy levels. We offer convenient appointment times to fit your needs, with Saturday appointments available. If an emergency arises, please contact us for our availability.

Omni Wellness Center is dedicated to establishing a healing environment in the body. We aim to treat all ailments without medications so you remain side-effect free. As we work with you and your animal to position the spine, you feel an immediate sense of pain relief with lasting results attainable through consistent care. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Chiropractic manipulations 

Gentle adjustments of the spine to restore your health and the health of your animal.

  • Acupuncture

The insertion of fine needles to promote healing and energy balance.

  • Laser therapy

Cold lasers stimulate cells to begin healing which is crucial during injury recovery.

  • Nutrition

We educate you on the value of eating healthy and serving healthy food to your animals.

  • Weight loss

If you or your animal needs help losing weight, our health team teaches you the best combination of diet and exercise. We also show you how chiropractic adjustments lead to an overall increase in wellness which can translate into weight loss.

Contact your Charlotte Family and Animal Chiropractor

We invite you to visit our center to see for yourself the way we care for our clients. Our health team is passionate about providing alternative care that is effective, affordable and timely. As you recover from an injury, we support your journey and motivate you to become stronger and healthier than you were before the injury. We can be reached by e-mail and both Omni Wellness Center and Omni Animal Clinic have a Facebook page. To learn more about our services or our new client special, please call us today at (704) 392-9999. We look forward to caring for you and your furry family members. 

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