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Chiropractic Treatment for Dogs: Benefits of Dog Chiropractic Care

Omni Wellness Center is a certified animal chiropractic clinic locating in Charlotte, North Carolina that has substantial experience treating animals, including dogs. Dogs share many of the same musculoskeletal characteristics as humans do, including the need for correct spinal alignment. Just like with humans, a dog’s central nervous system can be adversely affected by a spinal misalignment that compresses nearby nerves. In addition to triggering pain, this restriction can also lead to mobility restrictions and prevent your dog’s body from operating in an optimal state of wellness. Correct musculoskeletal alignment restores proper nervous system function, so your dog can move more freely with less pain.

Animal Chiropractor in Charlotte Relieves Chronic Pain in Dogs

Since our dogs cannot verbally tell us when they are in pain or experiencing a mobility restriction, as a pet owner, it’s important to be vigilant and observe the warning signs. Additionally, keep in mind that dogs, like all animals, are experts at hiding the symptoms of minor or moderate pain. It is often not until your dog is in serious pain that these symptoms may become obvious. Consequently, it’s important to watch closely for these signs. Look out for muscle spasms along the back, inability to jump, trouble standing or laying down, hip pain in the hind legs, a hunched chest, yelping or biting when picked up around the chest area, and yelping in sudden movement when no other obvious pain symptoms are present.

Animal chiropractic care, including adjustments for dogs, can help repair a pet’s joints and muscles so they move more freely. This relieves pain due to injuries or age-related joint dysfunction, like arthritis, in older dogs. By removing blockages in the central nervous system, our animal chiropractor in Charlotte not only brings your pet immediate pain relief, but also helps to enhance your pet’s overall quality of life by improving mobility.

During a typical adjustment session, our animal chiropractor will first perform a hands-on diagnostic exam to precisely identify the location of any spinal subluxations. Once Dr. Ladner has located a displaced vertebra, our chiropractor will use small, hand-held adjustment tools to restore proper alignment to your pet’s vertebra. Hands-on adjustments are gentle and safe for pets of all ages and wellness needs. All adjustments are performed with great care and low to minimal pressure, similar to the level of pressure that would be used on a young child or infant. Depending on your dog’s current level of pain or health needs, you may notice an immediate difference following the first treatment session. Most dogs benefit the most after a series of adjustments, which provides long-lasting pain relief.

Animal chiropractic care is a natural complement to traditional veterinary treatments for arthritis and other chronic pain conditions. Omni Wellness Center can work closely with your veterinarian to tailor your dog’s adjustments to complement current therapies or treatments. To learn more about the benefits of animal chiropractic care, schedule a personal consultation today. Call Omni Wellness Center today at (704) 392-9999 or send an email to drdarcey@omniwellnesscenter.com or TEXT 704-299-8698

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