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Chiropractic Treatment for Cats in Charlotte

When you think of a "well-adjusted" cat, you probably think of an animal with good behavior, a mellow attitude toward his housemates, healthy appetite and litter box habits and so forth. But if your cat is suffering from pain or ill health, he may require a very special kind of adjustment, to his spine. Believe it or not, chiropractic treatment can prove just as effective for cats as it can for their human owners. We’re proud to offer this form of feline care right here at Omni Wellness Center and Omni Animal Chiropractic!

Can A Chiropractic Adjustment Help Your Cat?

cat with chiropractorThe most obvious application for spinal adjustment is in the treatment of joint problems and symptoms, especially back and neck pain. While number of vertebrae in a cat's spine can vary from breed to breed, the total number of spinal joints can top 100. This articulate on gives cats their extraordinary flexibility, including their ability to bend 180 degrees, but it also magnifies the pain and stiffness that can accompany injuries or degenerative conditions such as spinal arthritis. A misalignment in the spinal column can also lead to disc herniation and painful impingement of spinal nerve roots, producing symptoms such as:

  • Difficulty bending or twisting the back
  • Refusal to jump down from objects
  • Expressions of pain during ordinary handling
  • Abnormal gait or clear difficulty with walking
  • Weakness and coordination problems in the limbs
  • Behavioral/attitude changes such as withdrawal and aggression

Problems in your cat's spine can affect more than just his neck, back and limbs. His various physical systems, from digestion to immune response, all depend on good communication between the brain and the nerves. If nerve function is impaired by a spinal misalignment, your cat may suffer from constipation, digestive upsets and other systemic issues.

Treatment at Omni Wellness Center and Omni Animal Chiropractic

That's where chiropractic adjustment at Omni Wellness Center and Omni Animal Chiropractic comes in. Through a combination of observation and palpation, we can tell whether an alignment problem is pressing painfully on nearby nerves or causing related health problems. Our cat chiropractor understands how sensitive cats are, so very gentle, precise adjustments are used to bring the spine back into proper alignment. These sessions can bring about dramatic improvements in your cat's well-being. If your cat's joint ailments are age related, we may also recommend dietary supplements and other treatments alongside periodic adjustments to help manage his pain. If your cat needs to recover from a spinal injury, we may prescribe physical therapy and other avenues to help him or her regain their former strength and mobility.

Contact Our Charlotte Cat Chiropractor Today!

Now that you know how chiropractic adjustment can help your favorite feline live a happier, healthier life, the next logical step is to contact our Charlotte, NC clinic today! We can evaluate your kitty's symptoms, medical history and spinal alignment to see whether chiropractic adjustment makes sense for his needs. 

For more information regarding animal chiropractic please send an email to drdarcey@omniwellnesscenter.com or TEXT 704-299-8698

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