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Animal Chiropractic Holistic Healing Techniques 

bigstock_Group_of_foals_in_the_field_31890719.jpgPeople are not the only ones who can benefit from chiropractic care. The same type of holistic techniques and correction methods can be just as effective for animals. Omni Wellness Center and Omni Animal Chiropractic has long been treating both humans and animals, thanks to our Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Darcy Walraven Ladner. Dr. Walraven Ladner is a board certified chiropractor as well as an internationally certified animal chiropractor and has been extending her gentle touch to horses, dogs, and cats to help promote healing, alleviate pain, and contribute to their overall well-being.

Charlotte Animal Chiropractor for Horse Health, Dog and Cat Wellness

Animals, just like people, rely on proper alignment to perform at their full capacity and enjoy optimum health. Misalignments within their musculoskeletal structures can result in pain, limited mobility, and decreased range of motion. Here’s where our Charlotte chiropractor can help. An alignment can often immediately alleviate pain, increase range of motion, and even help identify undiagnosed health problems. Proper spinal alignment can be key for optimum dog, cat and horse health and as a dog, cat and equine chiropractor Dr. Walraven Ladner can ensure that alignment remains intact.

Other issues that animal chiropractic techniques can help include pinched nerves, locked joints, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Often the cause can be a combination of stressors from physical issues, emotional duress, or even the environment. Chronic stress can cause an animal to tense its muscles, causing spinal joints to lock and thereby irritate or pinch nearby nerves. Our equine chiropractor can apply a target force to joints that are stuck, freeing the joints and nerves to once again function properly and to their full capacity. Freeing up the joints can also lead to a reduced risk of disease, since many diseases may begin to thrive on an improperly functioning nervous system.

A number of symptoms can indicate your pet may benefit from a visit to our dog, cat, and equine chiropractor. If your animal is reluctant to move, shows decreased mobility or obvious pain while moving, or exhibits abnormal posture, a trip to our animal chiropractor may be in order. Animals may also show sensitivity to touch, a change in behavior, an uneven or irregular gait, or muscular atrophy. Muscle stiffness, disobedience, and a limited performance that is far from their normal range of activities may be other signs that an underlying issue needs attention.

Even if your animal does not exhibit any obvious symptoms of an underlying problem, a trip to our animal chiropractor can be part of an overall wellness plan. Wellness plans are aimed at helping to maintaining optimum health throughout a lifespan and helping to prevent problems from cropping up in the future. Whether you choose animal chiropractic care to treat a specific ailment or as part of an overall wellness program, Dr. Walraven Ladner can provide an individualized plan that meets the unique needs of your pet. To schedule an appointment, call us today at (704) 392-9999.

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