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Charlotte Nutrition and Wellness Center

Charlotte, NC Chiropractor Provides Nutrition and Wellness help

Omni Wellness Center in Charlotte, North Carolina is a patient-centered chiropractic center for health, nutrition, and wellness maintenance. Our clinic is committed to wellness from the inside out-keeping the body healthy to avoid illness, rather than treating the body once illness does set in. But we also understand that illness is a part of life, and if you have a chronic issue or pain, our chiropractor will treat your body holistically to get to the source of the problem.

Conventional medicine treats pain and illness once it occurs, and often treats only the symptom of the problem. This approach does not heal the existing problem, and only serves to put you on a treadmill for needing continual treatment, normally focused around medication. This approach may make you feel better temporarily, but is not a long-term solution for health and wellness.

Nutrition is Key Component to Wellness Lifestyle

Sound nutrition practices are the backbone and building blocks of a healthy body, and a healthy life. Many illnesses and injuries can be caused by poor eating habits. Many Americans simply do not know the principles of a healthy diet, and to complicate matters more, not every person's body requires the same food to stay healthy. One person may need more protein or carbohydrates than another, and if you are eating the incorrect types of food, or combinations of food, your body will not function at its peak.

Charlotte nutrition center is a full service wellness clinicAt our Charlotte nutrition and chiropractic center we will personally formulate a wellness plan for you-centered around proper nutrition. If you are overweight and looking to lose weight and get in better health, our counselors will work with you to find a program you can stick with-one that accommodates your life so you can succeed. We know that a weight loss plan needs to be something realistic that will work with your lifestyle and your body type so you can stay on track and reach your goals. Many patients on our individual weight loss programs lose between 5-7 pounds during the first week of the program and typically about 2 pounds each successive week.

Or you may be lacking energy, or feeling more aches and pains as you get older. A combination of chiropractic treatments, and a change in your diet may be what you need to get your body back on track and feeling good again. Our Charlotte nutrition center is a full service wellness center, and we employ a full range of services to help you reach your health and wellness goals. From acupuncture to massage therapy and chiropractic treatments, we treat the whole body to help you feel your best. There are always new diets in the news and on the market, but what Omni Wellness center focuses on, is finding the right program for you and your body.

The Charlotte Omni Wellness center has served the community since 2008, with a chiropractor leading the helm who is passionate about health and patient care. Sound health often starts with understanding how to give your body the proper nourishment it needs, and to get on a diet plan that most benefits your body's individual needs. We don't look at a diet as something necessarily to lose weight, but as a way of living to feed your body what it needs to be healthy.

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