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Natural Treatments for Auto Accident Injuries with Our Chiropractor in Charlotte, NC

A Charlotte auto accident can cause immense damage to your health and your quality of life along with your vehicle. Whiplash, back injuries, nerve impingement and soft tissue strain can render you unable to work, perform simple daily tasks or even get a decent night's sleep. The good news is that help is available, and it doesn't involve mind-numbing drugs or frightening invasive procedures. You can get the safe, natural auto accident treatment you need from our chiropractic team of Dr. Darcy and Dr. Wilson right here at Omni Wellness Center.

Have you recently been in a car accident? Don't wait for symptoms to show up; call our car accident chiropractor in Charlotte to seek treatment today! 

Auto accidents are serious business because even slow-moving vehicles can absorb and transfer massive forces to the bodies contained within them. If your car comes to a sudden stop for any reason, your body may keep moving in the direction you were traveling until a rebound action throws it in the opposite direction. This is what happens in whiplash; the head snaps forward and backward, tearing the neck muscles and pushing spinal vertebrae painfully out of alignment. The violent motion can also cause herniated discs, with the gelatinous inner material of the discs pushing outward and compressing cervical nerve roots. All this damage may produce neck pain and immobility, headaches, dizziness, cognitive problems, odd sensation in the hands or arms, vision or hearing disturbances and more.

Even below the neck, a body restrained by a seat belt can receive painful injuries. If your torso is twisted sharply behind your three-point harness, you may experience damaged spinal joints, muscles and connective tissues. Twisting or jolting near the waist can upset lumbar alignment and allow lumbar discs to herniate; this in turn can pinch the sciatic nerve and leave you with sciatica.

Auto Accident Treatment Options at Offered by Our Charlotte Chiropractor

Your chiropractor at Omni Wellness Center provides a variety of non-invasive auto accident treatment options. First and foremost, however, you must schedule a spinal evaluation whether you feel injured or not. Many auto accident injury symptoms can be delayed due to shock -- and you don't want that lurking injury getting worse while you're not yet aware of it. Our detailed examination methods can find those problems so we can fix them as quickly as possible. Your chiropractor can then provide personalized auto accident treatment that addresses every aspect of your injury. The mix of treatments may include:

  • Chiropractic adjustment to reposition and realign vertebral structures, restoring normal musculoskeletal function

  • Massage therapy and laser therapy to enhance soft tissue healing, relieve pain and reduce inflammation

  • Acupuncture to stimulate your body's natural pain-relieving substances

  • Nutritional counseling to help you give your body what it needs for speedier healing

Schedule an Appointment with Our Charlotte Chiropractic Team

The sooner you seek out the care you need for your auto accident injury, the sooner you'll feel like yourself again. Call (704) 208-5129 for an evaluation so our Charlotte chiropractic team can put you on the road back to wellness!

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